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Every Thursday 12pm-2pm on WLUW 88.7FM

Friday September 9th

-Westonworld at The Whistler

My first club gig at Shattered. Don’t judge. All fashion was bad back then.


All Tomorrow’s Parties

Random shots

Smashing Time

Carrie Weston started out at KCOU in Columbia MO in 1988 and shortly after took over the decks at that college burg’s only (literal) underground dance spot Shattered, where she swears she invented the mashup one night when she thought Big Black’s “Kerosene” would mix seamlessly on top of “Crazy” by Patsy Cline.

Since moving to Chicago she’s DJed at WLUW, WZRD, The Whistler, The Hideout, The Burlington, Rodan, Rotofugi, Delilah’s, and a whole mess of other places and events in and around Chicagoland. Since 2002 she’s been a frequent DJ at the critically lauded All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals (both UK and US), though the UK version is the best time ever ‘cause those British kids throw down to anything.  This fits perfectly into her all-inclusive philosophy of music. Though part of her would love to spin unce unce music to rolling masses on a beach, really sometimes you just have to play Iggy.

These days you can catch her weekly on WLUW 88.7 Thursdays from 12-2pm, and check below for gigs outside the studio.